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Utchi falls thunders down almost 600 feet from a "lost world" plateau near the frontier with Venezuela. The primeval landscape below is perpetually bathed in mist. This magnificent waterfall was the culmination of an arduous five week trek across the Pakaraima mountains.

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Upper part of the entrance to the Great Cave of the Manatee River in Belize. The enormous entrance to the cave is well over 300 feet tall, one of the largest in the world. The Mayan Indians used this cave for many of their sacred rites, but left almost a thousand years ago, and I was privledged to be the first modern explorer to discover it.

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A view of a lower part of the entrance to the Great Cave of the Manatee River in Belize. Notice the tiny figure standing in the gloom in the center of the photo. The vast chambers within are hung with huge stalactites, and are littered with priceless artifacts which record the entire history of the Mayan civilization in Belize

Belize >

A side view of a small part of the upstream entrance of the Great Manatee River Cave in Belize. Notice the tiny figure in the center of the photo. The beautiful Manatee River flows through the cave to another enormous entrance, then through pristine jungle and mangrove to the scenic Southern Lagoon, and thence to the sea.

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Brother Moses sitting in the entrance of a cave that contains a human skull and ritual offerings. I discovered this cave on my most recent trip to Belize in January 2002.

Nicaragua >

In 2005 I visited the Rama Indians in the remote southeastern part of Nicaragua to bring attention to the plight of their disappearing rainforest and unsettled land claims.

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In the Spring of 2006 I spent a month tracking tigers in the magnificent karst wilderness of southern Thailand